Paris Beijing 1

Françoise , FR
0720 Paris Beijing 1

I am a French artist ,I don’t speak nor write Chinese. Last year a chinese artist invited me to Beijing and there I discovered China and calligraphy .It was a major discovery.Since then back in Paris I have read « The dream in the red pavilion », the poems of Li Bai, Wang wei, the novels by Lu Xun…I had brought back some books of photos of ancient calligraphy and I  went on trying  to copy them. Later  I gave up China ink and chinese brushes and decided to use the chinese signs in my own way with my brushes and acrylic paint  so as to integrate them into my art  and make a synthesis of Chinese and European vision.
This painting, called « Paris Beijing 1» is the result .It measures 162 x130 cm. acrylic on canvas.

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