Panda Yummy Bamboo

Stella, BE
0806 Panda Yummy Bamboo

I am Stella, 8 years old. To me Panda is the most lovely and funny animal in the world. From Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium to Shanghai Zoo in China, I have seen Panda’s twice in my life but I always want to see them again. My dream is to have a panda as my pet because we have bamboo growing in our garden. But my dream has been turned down by mummy. She says that Panda is a precious heritage to the whole world and a symbol of friendship between China and Europe. So I have drawn this Panda with a calligraphic brush on traditional Xuan Paper to show my deepest feeling to Panda. Panda: I miss you! When can I see you again?
Size of this painting: 25cm x 35cm

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