Claudia , PT

My first Chinese painting lesson: the painter brings with him a role of paper. He hangs the sheets on the wall: mountains, rocks, bamboo, chrysanthemums, an orchid… We were going to paint an orchid, he said. But no real orchid on sight. Just the one he painted. We should imitate the teacher’s orchid by imitating his gestures, one by one, like when we learn to write a Chinese character. With the expertise of a botanist, the teacher also explained everything about orchids. His spirit somehow captured me because, in an unrepeatable moment, I, a foreign student of Chinese language, was able to paint this orchid there and then. He looked at it and said: ‘it is even better than my own orchid’. He grabbed the paper, took his own orchid painting off the wall and placed mine there instead.
The calligraphy and the stamps were also made by me.

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