Mr. Panda in a suit

Linsey , BE
0811Mr. Panda in a suit

Giant Panda is the most adorable lovely animal for human being, certainly to me, a girl at 13 years old. With all my painting skills acquired after 5 years learning in the art academy, I have been able to turn my most favourite animal Panda into a “gentlemen” in a black suit. I have used charcoal in order to reflect the gentlemen temper of a giant panda who is trying to seduce a female panda. He looks meticulous, dominant, proud and superior to all other males. Well, Mr. Panda certainly feels good and confident in his trendy suit. In my imagination his next plan is to go into tango with a beautiful female panda he falls in love with and win her heart.
Size of the painting: 70cm x 50cm

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10 thoughts on “Mr. Panda in a suit

  1. Everything arises out of a curiosity to a world where human and animal are closely interwined. Well done!

  2. To “Yong” above, well indeed it might be a westernized Panda wearing a suit. That’s why I like this paint. It simply opens one’s imagination.