Magic Mirror

Liana , RO
0723 Magic Mirror

Once upon a time, far away in the mountains of China, a beautiful pagoda was spending her days in solitude and tranquillity, surrounded by trees and whispering streams. On sunny days, she would spend her time looking into the waters of a lake nearby. One day, she realised that the familiar image reflected on the stillness of the water had changed. A completely different landscape caught her eye. It did not resemble anything she had seen before: unknown trees and a strange house had replaced the old surroundings. She was eager to discover it.

This reversible drawing presents China and EU as landscapes. They are mirroring each other as if their image was reflected in the water. As expressed in the drawing and as their long-term relationship proves, they can live in harmony and peace with each other.
Drawing/charcoal and chalk, 72x55cm

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