Kina; mixed media on canvas; 100×140; 2008

Georges, GR
Kina (China in greek); mixed media on canvas; 100x140; 2008

For five years (2005-2010) I had the chance to live and work in Beijing at the Delegation of the European Union as a Scientific Advisor. It was an extraordinary experience and a very happy period of my life. I lived new experiences and saw things I had never seen before and I had the opportunity to know the people and work with them.
Living in China has greatly enriched my painting. In particular the contrast between the old and new is striking in Beijing and China in general and deeply influenced my painting. My artistic work has been very prolific and I had the chance to show it in many exhibitions: Today Art Museum, Yishu8 Gallery, EU Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010 (VIP Room), Stir Gallery (Shanghai). For China Unlimited I wish to propose three paintings from the series “Chinese Memories”.

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