Gazing at the Moon, Longing from Afar

Beata, PO
0729 Gazing at the Moon, Longing from Afar

In my artistic path I choose disciplines of painting to explore nature in landscape forms. Sphere of my research is metaphysic. I usually draw my inspiration from the nearest environment, cultural traditions and poetry, philosophy or science. Art is a play between reality and imagination, memories and dreams. (more on website )
Natural thing to me was early interest in Asian culture. I enjoy diversity of each individual country and this year I have found it interesting observing China culture, thanks to my Erasmus colleagues. They’re inspired me to search more and I found… Zhang Jiuling ‘Gazing at the Moon, Longing from Afar’. My paintings are inspired by nature that I really saw even I wasn’t in China.
oil on canvas , 18x24cm


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