Feibaoli (非暴力) – Nonviolence

0802 Feibaoli (非暴力) - Nonviolence

Feibaoli (非暴力) (Nonviolence). In this artwork I express my artistic vision of the concept of nonviolence using archaic Chinese characters. Initial dilemma was: how to do it? Studying the archaic characters I noticed that the first two (非暴) showed a symmetry with respect to a vertical middle plane. From this came the idea of ​​”open them” and “mix them one another.” “Opening” (towards the others) and “Mixing” (with the others) are two fundamental concepts for a nonviolent thought. The third character (力), the meaning of which is “strength”, at this point has been “trapped” between the previous two and, with agitation, sublimated into the sky, disappearing, thus creating non-violence (at least the physical one). In this case the calligraphic sign has been achieved practically with a roller, a tool less noble than a brush.

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