Connivence High Low

Elise, FR
0809 Connivence High Low

I create weaving paintings. I use weaving technique and silk painting. I am inspired by Bejing and juxtapose old Chinese nature engravings with pictures of actual buildings. I create a vibration between both these landscapes in order to create a new one. A new weaved landscape appears from dream and imagination.

In this painting I worked on the concept of the landscape in China which is perceived like an interaction of top and bottom, of moving and stationary….

Brussels, 2014
weaving, reversible
silk painting, cotton
38 x 41 cm

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2 thoughts on “Connivence High Low

  1. Very much impressed by how the very light, modest and free “Danqing” (color of scarlet and blue) spirit in the universe of the traditional Chinese ink “mountain-and-water” painting has been precisely captured and carefully woven into this hand-made piece of post-impressionistic artisan textile amongst its vertical and horizontal lines. The work itself is not only performative of the amourous whisper between the two artistic genres between painting and weaving, but more expressive of the frank and sincere mutual quest for the ever-deepening interweaving of two cultures, Chinese and European, all under the general ambiance of detachment, simplicity, spontaneity, vividness and metamorphosity in this painting-weaving.

  2. It’s the first time that I see an artwork like that…
    really interesting work…
    an artwork that allows you to travel with your imagination…