Chinese Souvenirs Collection

Noreen, NL
0709 Chinese Souvenirs Collection

This still life portrays pure Chinese traditional objects. To the right of the art piece a porcelain doll is visible holding a red lantern. Behind the porcelain doll lies a golden yellow fan. On the wooden table there is a shiny wooden box with the color of chestnut. Both the wooden box and the clay teapot represent Chinese tea ceremony. The red and yellow silk cloth does not only represent the true traditional colors of China but also adds depth to the drawing. The black and blue background is a hint of my own imagination. I like to think that it gives off danger and perhaps a sense of suspense, yet the art piece is balanced out by the warm traditional objects on the table. I love the old Chinese traditional culture including its souvenirs. In this art work I indeed managed to represent my love for both

– Oil pastels cardboard paper

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