Chinese Soldier

Kestutis, LT
0605Chinese Soldier

For me the Art is not about Beauty. To create beautiful picture is too easy, each commercial artist can do that and do that very good. In my prints (my art) I try to think about being. For me it is interesting to connect in one print two different and also similes situations, two ways of making print. Where is the thin line between good and evil? Where is the connecting points between our time and 2000 years before.

On the left side I depicted solder from the “terracotta army”, made in “old” stile “chiaroscuro” woodcut. On the right side – the solder from Guanlan Workshop. He was our security soldier, and also he was our very good friend. I depicted him in “new” style, in black colour like wall street painting (stencil art). Near the solder – a dog. Our soldiers in Guanlan had old red-brown dog, and all of them loved the dog, he was the friend of soldiers.


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