Chinese house l’empire des lumières

Stéphane , BE
0712Chinese house l'empire des lumières

Oil painting on canvas 40 / 60 cm
Chinese house the empire of lights is an oil painting on thême Magritte
“l’empire des lumières” adapted to a Chinese house.
The history of my painting can be compared to a symphony,
This variation on realisme transformed these colors melodies
Specialize in detailed and delicate line drawingt.
The delicate details of realistic scenes,
My painting creates a very different effect and modern style.


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7 thoughts on “Chinese house l’empire des lumières

  1. Votre oeuvre est vraiment très originale!

    J’ai une petite question, combien de temps cela a duré avant que votre travail soit exposé dans la galerie du site ?

    Bien à vous,


    • Hello,
      If I may, on behalf of the China Unlimited team, let me answer your question:
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      We have well received your submission today and it should be published shortly if eligible. If it is not eligible, you would receive an email explaining why and asking for corrections if it is applicable.

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      The China Unlimited team

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      Your work is very original!

      I have a small question, how long it lasted before your work is exhibited in the gallery of the site?

      Many greetings,


  2. Ton oeuvre est vraiment magnifique. Pleine de créativité ! Bravo, et continue comme ça. Je te souhaite plein de réussite dans ta passion.

    Bien à toi, une de tes collègues ! (étudiante) 😉

    • Translation : Your work is really splendid. Full of creativity! Congratulations and keep it up. I wish you a lot of success in your passion. Best wishes from one of your colleagues! (student) 😉