Chinese Girl

oana, RO
0828 Chinese Girl

The Chinese girl look very fragile but she is also powerful and full of life.
In this artwork, I wanted to define this Character’s feminity and the beauty of the girl.
,,Chinese Girl” is made by paper. In this artwork, the natural or the artificial light is very important because it relieves the structure of the coloured paper.
The dimensions of this collage are 21 x 29 cm.

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Girl

  1. It is a beautiful sketch. It is delicate, feminine, graceful like a chinese woman.

  2. Baftă… pînă-n China!
    Pe calea primită prin Mail nu mi s-au primit like-uirile.
    Deci, oricare va fi scorul, aveţi +3 “la adevăr”.

    • Translation by Google Translate: Good luck … till n China!
      On the way there I received by mail were received like-uirile.
      So whatever the score, you have three “truth”.

    • Multumesc Culai ! A mai fost o prietena pe a carei tableta inimioarele erau inactive dar, dupa un timp, a putut vota.