China in all its splendor

Ewelina , BE
0701China in all its splendor

“Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don’t give up. ”

I hope that through out my art work you will feel the same desire to go to China.China has so much to offer and many incredible sights to see. Imagine when you cross the temple of heaven, take rest to eat chinese food and see typical chinese houses. You can also visit the forbidden city. In China this is now referred to Gugong (故宫 /goo-gong), which means Old Palace .I want that this dream will come true. Thanks to your vote we can achieve this dream.

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14 thoughts on “China in all its splendor

  1. I agree with Hashtaco, I am astonished at the ammount of votes this art work got. Am I blind or can’t people view the difference between advanced and kindergarden art?! At this rate the real meaning of “Art” will be lost at some point…. This is absolutely absurd! Haha!!

    • Hello,
      Our contest is a way for everyone to express their views about China and China-EU relations, by all means.
      China Unlimited is open to everyone, artist or not, and is not a professional art contest. Voters are also people of all kind, not specifically professional artists, and are willing to support a participation which has touched them in any way. We ask you to respect everyone’s contribution to this initiative.

      Best of luck to everyone,

      The China Unlimited team

  2. I have been a couple of times to China, also in 2008, the time of the Olympics and it is amazing how this continent is changing so rapidly, especially in the major cities. Luckely that the countryside is so vast that it keeps its traditions and culture.
    So, Beijing is a good start to discover this great country !
    All the best and if you need someone to join, please call on me in Grimbergen
    ( Agneska knows where I am )

  3. Translation by Google Translate:: Noo, nicely Ewelinka, deserved a prize, all hand-painted (not downloaded from the Internet.)

  4. waaaw! its original cause your “art” look like à comic/book we can read through images! :) nice idea hahahahaha hope you win this trip!