Nadine, BE
0727 Awakening

Meditation, mental or spiritual exercise, is the heart of the practice of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, …
It leads us logically on the path to enlightenment, self-awakening, towards others, to the world.
Common practice in Europe and China, exercise that binds us, makes us understand better and brings us together.

Oil painting, 80×80 cm, 2015

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54 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Wonderful work. It has great presence and mystery. A invitation to the meditation.Par ses couleurs,sa texture,cette œuvre dégage présence et mystère. Une belle approche de la méditation. Bravo et merci à l’artiste.

  2. Translation by Google Translate: Congratulations, a beautiful labor of love.

  3. Translation by Google Translate: congratulations, beautiful labor of love

  4. Translation by Google Translater : Inspiring and beautiful! Good luck!

  5. Translation by Google Translate :Superb, Bravo, this represents you very well. Good luck, hope your trip to China.

  6. You put such emphasis on the idea of meditation, that the face of the enlightened individual portrayed in the painting is of no importance, so it was covered in darkness. Congratulations for displaying such exquisite craftsmanship in the art of painting and message conveying.

    • Super ! Quel talent ! Sublime peinture !!! Bravo pour cette belle performance

      • Translation by Google Translate:
        Great! What talent ! Sublime painting !!! Bravo for this beautiful performance

  7. Il me laisse pensif…
    On cherche à deviner…On imagine le visage paisible qui se dissimule dans la pénombre…
    Bravo Nadine.

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      It leaves me pensive …
      It tries to guess … We imagine the quiet face that lurks in the shadows …
      Congratulations Nadine .

  8. Bravo Tante Nadine !
    Je n’ai qu’une envie le voir en vrai pour apprécier davantage le travail méticulleux et minutieux que tu as réalisé.
    Toutes mes félicitations.

    • Translation by Google Translate: Congratulations Aunt Nadine!
      I have only wanted to see it in real life to further appreciate the méticulleux and meticulous work you have done.

  9. Félicitation pour ce superbe tableau empreint de plein de sérénité. Bonne chance.

    • Translation by Google Translate: Congratulations for this great table full of full of serenity. Good luck.