Citra, RO


With kindness,grandpa put a hand on my hand and said :

-Once upon a time,there was a great country at the end of the world.And a Chinese wiseman….

-What’s that Chinese?

-A man who comes from China.

-And what’s China?

-China is a country placed at the end of the world.

-How far is it from here?

-Not as much as you believe.So…let’s get back to our story.

-But I want to know how far is it.

-You put a lot of questions….you will find your answers sooner or later,at a proper time.


Fresh wind hit my face as long as I watched perplexed at people in white who watch at me with compassion.I wanted to say something,but the words didn’t came out.Sooner than I realized,my eyes closed.I felt so tired,so peaceful…


Merry voices around me.Teacher gave us illustrated books to colour maps.One of the maps made me curious.

-What’s this map?i asked

-This is China.

-The country at the end of the world?

-Is a way to say,but the world as we know it does not have an end.Because in this case the world means planet Earth.How did I learned you the Earth is?



The bell rang

-When you come back prepare your Chinese lesson.


-Where am I?

-At hospital.

-What am I doing here?

-You had an accident.You fell of your bike and broke your hand.

-How much did I stay here?

-Two days.

-Mom is here?


-Please let her come in,I said with a whispering voice,then I fell asleep again.


Applause everywhere.A great concert hall.Between me and the others enough space to smell their emotions.Some of them were… real strong.

-Is your turn,don’t let us down.

Motivated,I began to read:

Choosing a dream to fight for

Have lots of beautiful rewards.

I let you guess that I’ve a dream

Not easy to find,I told you before

A dream I’ve that I let you guess.

Indeed the guessing will drive you crazy,

So I give you clues to make that easy.

Zoom with your imagination

History with myths and heroes,

Outstanding civilization

Nature,people live together.

Guessing still confuse you more?

Great Wall should enlighten your way

Unique place it guards far away

Oh,that dream which my heart tore.”


-Are you ok ?my mum asked me.


-I was very worried about you.

-I am fine,don’t worry.Right now,I have remembered the stories grandpa told me about China ,the Chinese lessons at kindergarten and the prize I won at the riddle poems contest.

-Grandpa is dead a lot of years before you were born.As for the other things…you never learned Chinese.

I was shocked.I preferred to shut up for keeping fresh those memories.I knew my destiny is bond with China.Why?I will find when I will finally touch that land.The land from where my accident brought me such wonderful memories.It seemed like I lived in the past.Could that accident be the portal to one of my anterior lives?Which one of them?Who knows…Certainly, I’ll figure that someday.

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